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Sitia Crete UNESCO Geopark

Sitia Crete UNESCO Geopark


Over 500sq. km in this unspoilt eastern part of the island make up Sitia Geopark.

It is a nature lover’s paradise, with an abundance of wild flowers and plants (many unique to this part of the island), animals and birds, hiking routes, caves, and amazing rock formations.

When the Sitia region became a member of the UNESCO Geopark family, we had no idea just how much positive change this would bring!

This new aspect of tourism “Sitia Geopark” is creating great interest, especially in the alternative tourism market. The natural environment is no longer an obstacle for tourism development, on the contrary it is a great attraction for visitors. We are seeing increasing interest in our Geopark from our customers, both individuals and tour operators from all over Europe.

“Sitia Geopark” is an alternative form of tourism, which does not spoil the environment and meets the needs both of the visitors and the region.

Three forms of alternative tourism have been developed and sold as package holidays to offices abroad in the last 12 years within the “Sitia Geopark” area. These are walking, with over 25 marked routes, windsurfing at Kouremenos beach, Palekastro, cycling with 7 marked routes and our latest exciting addition is diving in Sitia and Vai.

For further details, please visit the Sitia Geopark website

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