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Mediterranean Festival of Sitia, 5-6-7 July 2024. Μεσογειακό Φεστιβάλ Σητειας 5-6-7 Ιουλιου 2024!!


Banda Entopica

Banda Entopica, the traditional street band, unites the clarinet, the trumpet, the accordion and the davul, in a complex of traditional and modern Balkan music. Based on the sounds of the entire Balkan Peninsula, it moves to danceable and often ecstatic rhythms with songs that are both traditional and original compositions. In an environment where tradition is an integral part of everyday life, either as singing or dancing, every live performance of the band has a dynamic dimension with intense interaction between musicians and listeners, while maintaining a unique aesthetic proposition. Traditional music works in a highly Dionysian way and gives people the opportunity to externalize their emotions that they so desperately need.

Banda Entopica
Filippos Fassoulas – Clarinet
Paschalis Karvounaris – Trumpet
Elias Gillos – Accordion
Billy Maleganos – Percussion
Irini Goutzaki – Vocals
Yannis Gountanos – Sound recording


At the news of their breakup, the music industry collapsed, hearts were broken and eyes filled with tears. The next step was a one-way direction as Hatzifrageta bridge, folk music of past decades with rebetiko and artful music with hip-hop with a deliberately awkward style and a highly refined technique. They sing melodies about lost loves and shattered lives, always adding their unique sense of humour, which makes them so special and admired by audiences of both genders of all ages. After two years of absence and while they count 10 years in the music business, they have returned dynamically in fullband formation …”perhaps for reasons of class and not only” to specially present us their old and new songs.

Hatzifrageta consists of:
Panos Fragiadakis – Voice, guitar
Vagelis Hatzigiannis – Voice, guitar
Vasilis Tsigris – Bass guitar
Giorgos Christodoulou – Drums

Saturday July 6 2024


The new blood of the Greek musical tradition! ‘Gintiki’ is a musical group that started playing and “experimenting” with traditional music. Their aim is to make their concert audience feel free to dance and express themselves. Their basic element is their disposition to improvise, which derives from various music influences. Every live performance is not only an opportunity for them to further experiment on forms and rhythms of traditional music, but also to establish a dialectical and dynamic relationship with the public, creating the conditions for a modern “urban festival”. The emerging sound is widely being formed and being developed, constantly maintaining the identity and the sounds of traditional instruments.

‘Gintiki’ consists of:
Tasos Kofodimos – Lute, vocals
Konstantinos Lazos – Clarinet, bagpipe, guitar, vocals
Konstantinos Papakonstantinou – Percussion
Thodoris Sioutis – Violin, vocals

Respiro Flamenco…..
which means ‘I breathe Flamenco’

From Seville… Sitia! Beats and rhythms, colours, clapping and clicking, guitar and passion….. All compose the ‘breath’ of flamenco! In the ‘Respiro Flamenco’ band, guitarist Gabriel Borbolis and vocalist Eleanna Gagouli collaborate with Nefeli Benou in a dance spectacle charged with Andalusian tradition. A journey of senses and emotions carried within this notable music genre….

‘Respiro Flamenco’ Band members:
Gabriel Borbolis – Guitarist
Eleanna Gagouli – Vocals
Nefeli Benou – Flamenco dancer

nearly 40 years……..

“I would call quality singing serious singing”

At a time when many big-name songwriters have abandoned the process of releasing entire discographies, Pantelis Thalassinos remains prolific, frequently presenting new songs and even consciously – as he says – with themed albums. Obviously the creative need is always there and the path of expression finds its way in one way or another. “Damn you… You don’t pity me… I’m burning and melting… For making me love you and now I’m wilting …” Rarely will you find someone who hasn’t heard, been moved or cried listening to or singing these lyrics… And even rarer still, you won’t find anyone who has never heard the name of the creator of this well-known song, Pantelis Thalassinos! Pantelis is imbued with a simple, deep and purely artistic thought with the personal stamp that he has chosen to give, obeying his own being, and not ‘fashion’ and dubious categorizations. I have, in my near 40 years, about 40 CDs to my credit, many of them as a composer and others with participations as a singer in the works of others. In discography, he has written, or sung, about 500 songs in total, and his concerts now exceed 1500. He has sung in all the concert halls of Greece, and in venues all over the world: Cyprus, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, France, England, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Egypt, Israel, Australia, with great success.. “With his music he has managed to make his dream come true, to play in the biggest “stadiums of the country”.

In company with the well- known associates:
PARIS PERYSINAKIS plucked – string instruments
LEYTEPIS CHAVOUTSAS – classical guitar
PHILIPPOS LEYKADITIS – drums/percussion
and sound coaching, YORGOS KARIOTIS

…nearly 40 years with songs from his entire discography,

Sunday July 7 2024

VASSILIS STAVRAKAKIS – mandolin, singing | STELIOS PETRAKIS – Lyra, | GIORGIS MANOLAKIS – Lute, Song | MICHAEL KONTAXAKIS Mandolin, Lute, Song | HARALAMBO PARASKAKIS Ascomandura (Cretan bagpipe) – Lute | PANOS KATSIKIOTIS “Tsiko” – percussion

The unique virtuoso Stelios Petrakis (Lyra), Vassilis Stavrakakis, one of the greatest singers of the modern Cretan music tradition, notable Giorgis Manolakis (Lute, Song), outstanding Michalis Kontaxakis (Mandolin, Lute, Song), the talented Charalambos Paraskakis (Ascomandura – Lute), the imaginative Panos Katsikiotis “Tsiko” (percussion) will take the stage of the Mediterranean Festival of Sitia to perform old and new songs and give us a good glimpse of genuine traditional Cretan music. In the last seven years Stelios has formed the Cretan Quartet, an ensemble that has been criss-crossing Cretan music and dances to the most important festivals worldwide (India, United States, Malaysia, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Morocco, etc.). He has collaborated in concerts and recordings with important musicians from the world of “world music”, traditional music, Greek musicians and composers, while his compositions are considered special and unique. Vassilis has had the opportunity from a young age to get to know and live in a pure and genuine musical environment, in which he was soon to become an integral member and central core. His voice today is considered one of the most melodic in Cretan traditional music… Giorgis participates in a number of events and is famous for the feasts he holds. He has collaborated and has made recordings with some of the biggest names in traditional music and organizes annual seminars at the ‘Lavyrinth’ music workshop where he passes on his knowledge of traditional music. Michael, who has many international awards to his credit, including first prize in the famous “Francisco Tárrega” competition, is considered one of the most important guitarists of his generation and teaches regularly in many festivals and is invited by conservatories and universities in Greece and abroad. Charalambos and Panos are considered among the masters in Ascomandura (Cretan bagpipe) and Percussion. “Music of “NATIONAL CRETE”, is located in Sitia and will be on the stage of 9th Mediterranean Radio Festival of Sitia!

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