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Hamezi Festival 7/7/2024 10:00 – 12/7/2024 10:00 Hamezi, Greece +30 6937669021 (Όλγα), +30 6949405207 (Δώρα) In Crete, the mandolin appeared during the Venetian rule. In the early 20th century, it was the dominant accompanying instrument for the lyre along with the bulgari. Over time, however, it acquired a leading role in Cretan musical tradition, […]
05/july/2024 Banda Entopica Banda Entopica, the traditional street band, unites the clarinet, the trumpet, the accordion and the davul, in a complex of traditional and modern Balkan music. Based on the sounds of the entire Balkan Peninsula, it moves to danceable and often ecstatic rhythms with songs that are both traditional and original compositions. In […]

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